Random beach day

Here’s to laughter and drunk conference calling your ladies #laughter

Happy new year! Hope it’s golden!

My Christmas gift to myself. The perfect gift bag, in my humble opinion.

My super awesome coworker gave me moonshine (everclear?) that her husband made! Mixed with pineapple and coconut. So coooooool

Mama’s go-to dancing choos #partychoos

“Had I really understood something of war, I wouldn’t have gotten sidetracked trying to write about rebels and loyalists, Sunnis and Shia. Because really the only story to tell in war is how to live without fear. It all could be over in an instant. If I knew that, then I wouldn’t have been so afraid to love, to dare, in my life; instead of being here, now, hugging myself in this dark, rancid corner, desperately regretting all I didn’t do, all I didn’t say. You who tomorrow are still alive, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you love enough? You who have everything, why you are so afraid?”

Beautiful morning in San Diego

Despite this lovely being on sale, I resisted. (Growth is so overrated).